As first time home buyers, this was terrifying and, at times, overwhelming process. We originally went with a realtor that was a mutual acquaintance. After some less than reassuring experiences, we did our homework and decided to switch to Dave Fairman. Dave made this whole process less scary and more fun. He was there, email, text, or phone call, whenever we needed for whatever we needed. He was super flexible in scheduling around a teacher and firefighter work schedule. He took our wants and realistic abilities into consideration and gave us honest advice without opinions. He always gave us as much input as he could and researched what he didn’t know. When we finally found our home, I was so thankful we went with Dave. His expertise with the legal part of this whole process is excellent. Not once did I question what he was doing because he took the time to explain it to us (each and every time we asked) and he was always extremely professional with the seller so that the whole process was very smooth. When we buy our next home, it will surely be with him and we have already recommended him to several friends. A top notch personable realtor that knows his stuff.

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