We hired Dave Fairman when we were assisting my son with purchasing his first home. As a first time home buyer who had recently entered the workforce after completing college, my son was on a very modest budget. Although I encouraged him to buy vs. rent from an investment perspective, I was concerned that any property he could afford would likely have structural and/or location issues. I am delighted and very pleasantly surprised to say, that thanks to Dave Fairman, my son found an amazing home, like new, in a beautiful, meticulous neighborhood. I was stunned. I consider this transactions to be one of the best decisions I have been a part of.

Dave did a remarkable job of locating quality properties in the right neighborhoods. His knowledge of market values across the greater Central Ohio area was very impressive. Our time was so very efficiently spent as a result of visiting only quality properties.

Dave was always prompt and professional. I was especially impressed with his work ethic and patience as we pursued at least one short sale offer.

I am also impressed with the network of people Dave recommended throughout our transaction. There was a strong team: from inspectors, to handy-man remodelers with creative ideas, to his strong real estate organization who leant their collective knowledge and assistance. Dave’s contacts and knowledge on the financing side of things also proved to be enormously helpful!

From start to finish, our experience in working with Dave Fairman was outstanding. We located and purchased a terrific property, in a wonderful location, in a very short period of time. We couldn’t be happier. .

We were so pleased with Dave that we used him again when assisting my daughter with her first home. The results were equally impressive.

I would highly recommend Dave Fairman and his team without reservation.


Jeff Kalinoski

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