Whoever you are, you need Dave.

My husband and I recently purchased our first home. We started the process of getting things in order about 6 months before we knew that we would be ready to seriously consider purchasing any homes. I found Dave online and liked the reviews that had been written about him. He was willing to meet with us even though he knew we would be renewing the lease at our apartment for another 10 months. Dave took the time to educate us on the entire home-buying process and we found it hugely helpful to have that knowledge before we officially started looking.

Over the next few months, Dave checked in with us periodically to see if we needed anything. Eventually, the time came where we were ready to look at houses and Dave kicked it into high gear and took us on many house tours! We were looking at a time when inventory was extremely low and houses were going into contract within 24 hours of being on the market. I am convinced that Dave’s responsiveness helped us get the home that we are in today. He would arrange for us to visit houses as soon as possible. When we visited our house and told him we were interested, he helped us to develop an offer that night. We ended up getting the house because we made an offer so quickly! I’m sure the house would have gone to someone else if we had waited or if Dave had not been so quick to show us the house.

Now that we’ve been in the house for two months, I have had a few occasions to ask Dave questions. He still responds to me quickly and continues to educate and assist us as we navigate the exciting new world of home-ownership! I know that Dave will always be available to us as a resource and I know that when we are ready to move on to our next home, we will call Dave to help us list this home and look for a new one!

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